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2ser 107.3 Radio (Production Pieces)

Grapeshot: Macquarie University Student Publication

Green and Gold Rugby

Hunter and Bligh

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"The Reset"

Published on

26th January 2015

An article I wrote about my journey up to now, from school days to my gap year, university life and beyond.....


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"Tropic Travels: Travelling to Borneo and Back Again


1st September 2015-

19th November 2015

A collection of short blog pieces examining my PACE trip to Malaysia to work with indigenous communities in Sabah, Borneo....

"The Travel Bug"


31st May 2015

Why is it that in todays ever accessible world, there is such an emphasis on travel? And why is it that so many of us get the travel bug?

"Borrow This Music Please!"


7th February 2015

Plargarism, from music to film to other kinds of media, is never far away from the headlines. But is copying someone's ideas really all doom and gloom?

"The "Avatar" Problem"


7th February 2015

In a world where films are increasingly using CGI, it is important to examine how its rapid rise has influenced the overall cinema-going experience.


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