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Creation of "The Watch"

I submitted this piece as my final assessment for ENGL201, and I recieved a Credit for it. While I was happy with this piece, this shows I can always improve. We're only human after all.

When I began this piece, I had no clear idea what to write about; however what I wanted have a single focaliser for this piece. Placing cues and having a solid point-of-view was something that I also struggled with in previous pieces that I had submitted for academic review, so I wanted to write a personal story with a single focus and a strong point-of-view.

I was worried a single focus many impact on creative capabilities. However, from viewing the importance of point-of-view as “being the frame within which the story happens… it’s important to ask, who is telling the story?” helped to dismiss those concerns. Additionally, the elements of plot, character, setting and theme enable writers to have an adaptive means of discovering meaning in their work and a method to stretch it. For successful creativity, getting the voice right with simplicity of style and a concrete image enables the writer to stand to one side so that the image can get to work on their behalf. This gave me confidence to use this method to create a stronger story.

An early ide