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Hozier's "Hozier" Album Review (Grapeshot Magazine)

Originally Published in Grapeshot Magazine- Macquarie University Student Publication, Issue 2, Volume 7, March 2015



I knew little about Irish artist Hozier, besides his hit single “Take Me to Church”, however, after listening to his debut, I feel like he should have been discovered eons ago; because this album is an absolute knockout!

Hozier takes inspiration from Celtic music, (being a former member of choral group Anúna), as well as Ireland’s troubled religious past. But this album is also heavily infused with a modern blues, rock and folk edge. This combination is leads to a brilliant, brooding, bluesy album!

“Take Me to Church” may be successful, but "Jackie and Wilson", “Someone New”, “From Eden” and “Foreigner’s God” are songs you will instantly fall in love with, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg on this strong record.

Its use of guitar, drums and blues is simple, but effective! Hozier wears its Irish heart on its sleeve, and I’ll be watching this artist in the future!



Hozier- "Jackie and Wilson"

Hozier- "Take Me to Church"



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