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Mumford & Sons- "WILDER MIND" Album Review (Grapeshot Magazine)

Originally Published in Grapeshot Magazine- Macquarie University Student Publication, Issue 5, Volume 7, July 2015



Marcus Mumford and Co’s decision to put down the banjos and do a Bob Dylan with an electric sound caused uproars within many diehard fans, but I looked forward to the new direction they would take.

In parts of Wilder Mind, the seamless transition delivers us some of the band’s best work. ‘The Wolf’ is a standout and is destined to be live staple (with a crescendo that will make you wanna sing along, similar to other Mumford classics like 'Little Lion Man' and 'I Will Wait'), with ‘Just Smoke’ and ‘Cold Arms’ also nice throw-backs to previous albums. Additionally, the band successfully dips into rock experimentation with ‘Tompkins Square Park’ and ‘Believe’, a very Coldplay-inspired track.

However, the remaining tracks don’t stand out particularly as a rock album or are very ground-breaking, but in typical Mumford style are still infectiously catchy.

The new rock style is an exciting change of pace, and it ain’t no bad thing. For me personally, I still wouldn’t mind the banjo in at least one song, but I guess old habits die hard…



Mumford & Sons- 'Believe'

Mumford & Sons- "The Wolf" (Live)



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