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We wander, and find a place away from any glancing eyes, behind a large Murraya hedge. We walk along that a bit, until she throws her jumper down on the grass and makes a rug of it.

“Here looks good”, she pats the grass next to her.

I sit, feeling like I’m going to spew. I can see my heart vibrating my entire body. I’ve never seen it beat that hard before! Relax dude, breathe!

I look at her; she’s staring straight back at me, and has been since I sat. I feel a lump in my throat, and it comes out as a nervous laugh. She laughs.

Awkward. Jesus, this gonna be a lot harder than I thought! I need a moment!

I divert my eyes to the lawn, grabbing a bulky piece of grass and slowly dismantle it, ripping every section of shoot from its stem.

“What?” Her voice tells me she’s not worried. How is it so easy for her?! She probably thinks that I’m such an amateur at this!

A flock of screeching cockatoos fly overhead, their piercing of the silence makes us both look up and follow them over the pine trees.

My eyes then meet hers again; she’s closer, her hands playing with a white flower from the bush, before she rips its petals, playfully discarding them.

I feel like a tightening guitar string; just do something!

I feel my hand touching hers.

She moves in and kisses me. Very gently.

I’d never been kissed before. I’d seen many friends do it at parties, and it made me tear my hair out seeing them reach that milestone. They were the envy of those who hadn’t.

One of my friends had even said to me once when he was smashed: “Guess what? I can get laid and you can’t.” Prick.

All those vibes can be stripped away now, I’ve done it! I can do fucking anything now!

Our lips part. She’s smiling and I’m beaming.

“I like that.” (Those were the first words that came out of my mouth? Strange. And a bit tacky.)

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