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Kanye West- 'Real Friends' feat. Ty Dolla Sign Track Review (Grapeshot Magazine: 2016; Issue

Note: This track review was completed before 'The Life of Pablo' album review. This piece was done in Grapeshot Magazine as a music review, and in turn is managed by Macquarie University.




Kanye West is a talented guy, there's no denying it, and his mainstream success in the 2000s only serves as the proof: Late Registration, College Dropout, Graduation. However recently, particularly with his latest album Yeezus, I’ve found myself distracted by his shameless egoism, which casts a shadow on his musical talent.

‘Real Friends’ exhibits a side of Kanye we haven’t seen in a LONG time, the vulnerable side. It’s a refreshingly welcome respite from his self-aggrandisement and impatience in French-ass restaurants (hurry up with those damn croissants!). ‘Real Friends’ sees Kanye delve into the nature of his fame and how it’s has led to him neglecting, and being neglected by, family and friends, over a swirling background of eerie pianos and kick-drum beats.

In short, this is an intoxicatingly sad song, and something I hope sets the tone for his new upcoming album Waves (formerly SWISH, formerly So Help Me God). It’s a pleasant reminder that underneath the public meltdowns and enormous ego Kanye still has substance, and it gives me hope that this time the music will take centre stage.


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