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SEMESTER 2016 SCRAP BOOK: Hybrid Genre Work Piece

For this piece, we were given a five minute challenge to blend together something living and non-living. This is what came out of it, and I found it really interesting, even though it's still very rough.


"A nonliving thing is passive. Sometimes I wish I was that, a rock that stayed silent and still, moving from one place to another, enduring for millions of years. It is peaceful. But now, I put aside my childish desires and conform to the notions of what our world has become: a place of never ending distractions and frustrations. One mistake after another, along a monotonous path lasting all the way to the end of my days.

Living things are reckless, through and though. Reckless is an understatement. Selfish, yes. Brutal, yes. Rude, yes. But also constantly changing and adapting to whatever life throws at me. This is constant self-renewal, powered by an endless intake of energy. Sometimes I wonder how I have the energy to do what I do. Then I imagine what would happen if I were to stop. Then I would be little more than living. A nonliving thing is passive. Sometimes I wish I was that."


A Little Idea
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