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On the Move: A Day in the Barossa Valley (18-4-17) LINK (Hunter and Bligh)

Image Credit: The Artisans of Barossa

Note: I have recently become heavily involved with James Gosper, the 'Wine Hunter' of Hunter and Bligh, and helped with some of his articles about some of the best wine regions in Australia. Below is a link to 'On the Move: A Day in the Barossa Valley', the first in a series about many of the wine regions in the Adelaide Region. This was published on the 18th April 2017 on Hunter and Bligh.


In late March I found myself in Adelaide for a couple of days and decided to take a little time out to enjoy one of the oldest, and most recognised wine regions in Australia. So I grabbed a car headed for the Barossa Valley.

I have been coming to the Barossa for many years. My first visit was back in 1992 and I have seen so much change over those years – from all the agriculture, to the wine industry which has been through a boom and a bust. Being one of Australia’s epicentres for wines, the Barossa did not avoid the roller coaster ride of the last ten years, but what keeps it going is that its consistently honest and true to itself and its heritage. German (Prussian Silesia) immigrants where the first to plant vines in the 1840s, and this heritage is never too far away when you start to explore the Barossa.....


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