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On the Move: A Getaway in Coonawarra (15-5-17) LINK (Hunter and Bligh)

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Note: I have recently become heavily involved with James Gosper, the 'Wine Hunter' of Hunter and Bligh, and helped with some of his articles about some of the best wine regions in Australia. Below is a link to 'On the Move: A Getaway in Coonawarra', the final in a series about many of the wine regions in the Adelaide Region. This was published on the 15th May 2017 on Hunter and Bligh.


Many of the wine regions I have visited and written about so far are ideal for a day trip. However, in Australia there are some hidden gems off the beaten path that are little harder to get to, and are a little further away from our cities. Many of these hidden gems are very rewarding to those who spend the time and effort to discover them.

Coonawarra is one of these places. Located near the town of Mt. Gambier, four hours from Adelaide and eight hours from Melbourne (or a fifty-minute flight), Coonawarra (along with Margaret River) is one of Australia’s most famous regions for Cabernet Sauvignon. After a couple of years rediscovering its mojo, its back, making not only superb Cabs, but knocking out delicious other red varieties and some awesome food adventures to match.


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