GAGR Podcast 279 – Kurtley Steale (feat. Tim from The Eggchasers) (13-11-17) LINK (Green and Gold Ru

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We’re back to a standard hour and will be delivering you an early podcast this week. Matt and Hugh were in the chair to talk about the Wallabies-Wales match as well as the anticipated match-up against England. They were joined by Tim Cocker from The Eggchasers Podcast for all things on the Spring Tour, as well as by our producer Nick for the aftermath of the NRC final.

The Five Burning Questions

1. What mark out of 10 do you give the Wallabies win over Wales? (feat. Tim) 2. Which Wallaby/Welsh player caught your eye with a strong performance? (feat. Tim) 3. Who are the secret weapons and weaknesses for Australia and England? (feat. Tim) 4. What was our favourite moment from the NRC final? (feat. Nick) 5. Should we be excited about Brad Thorn taking on the Reds after his QLD Country coaching? (feat. Nick)

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