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Chasing Giants announce debut EP ‘Dangerous’ (Music Insight)

Up-and-coming Sydney outfit Chasing Giants are set to start off 2018 with a bang, officially announcing a release date for their four track debut EP, Dangerous.

The trio have been turning more and more heads with their genre-blending, eclectic musical style and energetic live performances. This EP announcement comes off the back of a big twelve months for the group, which culminated in them finishing third in the National Battle of the Bands Grand Final at the Metro Theatre in December last year.

This also coincided with the release of their bluesy piano rock track ‘Bad News’ (featuring fellow Sydneysider Ethan Conway).

This track (which we reviewed here) serves as a teaser for Dangerous, but fans can also expect some new material from the trio in the form of three new tracks.

Dangerous will be released on February 26, 2018. You can check out the official tracklist for the EP below.

Chasing Giants – Dangerous EP tracklist:

1. ‘Dangerous’ 2. ‘Till The Night Ends’ 3. ‘Poison Berries’ 4. ‘Bad News’ (featuring Ethan Conway)


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