Podcast 297 – Jamie Miller vs. Alan Jones (18-9-18) LINK (Green and Gold Rugby)

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Get ready to batten down the hatches. The lads are back, and they’re pissed.

After an abhorrent weekend in Aussie rugby which saw a lacklustre performance by the Wallabies, ugly fan backlash, and yet more floggings dealt upon the NSW NRC teams, Rugby Reg, Hugh and Jamie (with a small warm-up cameo from Mr. Rowley) sat down to try and make sense of it all.

Is the game you love hurting you right now? Come join us. Let the hate flow through you.

Warning: occasional coarse language

The Five Burning Questions

1. What went wrong on Saturday night? 2. How should we react to the abusive fan? 3. Where to from here for the Wallabies? 4. Is the Rugby Championship alive again? 5. Is the NRC dead in the water?

Note: during question five the lads make reference to an interesting article published by a former unnamed NRC player on The Roar. Check it out here.

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