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Good Reads Review: F*ck No! By Sarah Knight

Sometimes you need a good new years resolution book, and this book serves as a great solution to a real problem many of us face.

Part of Sarah Knight's No F*cks Given Guide, this book serves as a handy starting guide to saying one of the most dreaded words in all of language: no. As a self-confessed Yes'r who has found the experience unfulfilling, thus book was a much needed guide for me.

Knight employs an extremely conversational writing style, which in (most) cases gets the points she's making across brilliantly. Her dividing of people who say yes all the time into categories of People-Pleasers, Overachievers, having serious FOMO and being a pushover is especially potent. Occasionally, her style becomes too casual that it can become distracting, and even can be detracting in other sections of the book.

The latter half of the book sees Knight bring out scenarios in which we commonly force ourselves to say yes, but this is where the meat of the book really is.

While it can be hamstrung by its style on occasion, this book largely succeeds in its goal of tackling a potentially serious topic with humour and honesty. It also proves that for your own self preservation and care, sometimes it's more than alright to put yourself first and damn well say no!

⭐⭐⭐ 1/2


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