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Good Reads Review: Good Omens

**spoiler alert** Having enjoyed books from both Gaiman and Pratchett, discovering they had created a book together that was being translated into a show meant I knew I had to read it.

The result? Exactly what I’d hoped for, a really fun take on the apocalypse in the style of Douglas Adams or Monty Python. Left-field, quirky, genuinely weird, sometimes almost borderline bonkers, but never boring and often unbelievably funny.

The characters of demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale were an absolute riot, and all interactions between them is where the book is at it’s best, bouncing off each other with great comedic timing.

The only slight letdown was in the climax, which saw the book fall somewhat back on cliches, which was disappointing considering how creative and witty the writing and characters had been up until that point. Gaiman and Pratchett do pull it off well, and add on a very enjoyable epilogue, so in the end this is a highly recommended read.

Even during times like we are in now, embracing the genuine absurdity of the apocalypse is something that can work as an incredibly effective coping mechanism. Read this book, it’s a hoot!


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