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Help Jeremy fight cancer

Hey everyone.

So normally I like to post fun adventures I get to have as an author, however today is a bit different.

This succulent man below is Jeremy Costa, and him and I go back nearly half a decade. The dude, put it simply, is unbelievable. An incredible singer-songwriter with so many songs coming down the pipeline it isn't funny. An incredible musician to listen to live, who along with his backing band Ned Wu, Kat Bethany Anne Morrison and Jacquie Pearce have played some of the biggest venues around the country.

They all had a big 2022 planned, with Jeremy on the verge of releasing over 20 singles (a world record) before dropping his debut record. Then, things changed when he got diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is a blood and bone marrow cancer that there is no cure for.

He has mostly kept his cancer diagnosis to himself with the plan of fighting it without anyone knowing anything about it, however it has stopped him from working for almost eight months. While he has made it through chemo, he has been told he needs at least six months before he can get back to work, something that is not an option for someone who works in the music industry and has already not been able to work.

His girlfriend Kat has started a GoFundMe page to try and help with getting Jeremy back on his feet and give him the financial security he needs to fully recover. And this is effectively why I'm writing this: to help spread this message and get this man the support he needs.

I personally owe this bloke a lot, he's introduced me to some of the coolest dudes in music like The New Power Generation, Living Colour and Sergio Mendes. Working in the arts is hard enough financially, but even more so when you can't work yourself. If you can contribute even a few dollars, or even share this around, that would be honestly more than enough, and hopefully it'll help the man get back on his feet soon and get back to what he was born to do: play music

Please donate below, and if you like, check out his music on Spotify. Lovers of old school rock'n'roll will not be disappointed.



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