Tropic Travels: To Borneo and Back Again


Blog 1.

Pre-Departure: Dealing with Nerves and Overcoming the "Can't Be Bothered Blues"







Blog 2.

Week 1: Meeting Jessie & Sabah's Many Faces

Blog 3.

Week 2: Christina Joins the Fun & The Adventures of Dr. Greg the Gecko

Blog 4.

Week 3: Jalan, Jalan, Jiri Makan

(Walk, Walk, Find Food)

Blog 5.

Week 4: The Last Days

Blog 6.

Back in Australia: One Month On...

Additional Photo Gallery 

Pictures of our River Tour taken by Amir Al Hammond 

1st September 2015






6th September 2015






16th September 2015






27th September 2015






4th October 2015






4th November 2015






19th November 2015






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