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When Men Cry - First Edition


‘That night has played around in my head, over and over. The night where we went out, the night all of this started. I wish we’d never got here. I wish he had said something that night we were together... I wish he’d been honest. I wish he had just cried.’ - [Chris]


Set in the early 2020s of suburban Sydney, When Men Cry tells the story of a reuniting band of mates heading on a night out, a reunion that will turn their worlds upside down. 


As the beers start to flow, it becomes clear that one of them is not what they seem, and the wheels are set in motion that will lead these four friends into the depths of each other’s lives and the gambling dens of Sydney’s underworld. 


A story of mateship, despair and redemption; When Men Cry is a sobering look at the world of mental health and masculinity: a world where dishonesty breeds dangerous consequences, and where the simplest things can be the hardest to talk about. 

When Men Cry - First Edition

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