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When Men Cry - eBook

The debut novel from Nick Wasiliev.

A story of mateship, despair and redemption told in a Sydney not too far from our own, When Men Cry takes a sobering look at the world of mental health and masculinity: a world where dishonesty breeds dangerous consequences, and where the simplest things can be the hardest to talk about.

Industry Reviews

"Nick Wasiliev is the real deal. When Men Cry is a life shaker. Dive into a world which looks shallow -- but its depth is infinite. You'll need to be strong to read this. Take a deep breath before you start, and keep the oxygen handy."
John Marsden

"A work of fiction that speaks the language of its generation and tackles one of its most confronting issues."
Richard Champion de Crespigny, pilot and author of bestsellers QF32 and FLY!

"Nick Wasiliev has a gift for story-telling, his debut novel captures the spirit of Sydney through brilliant dialogue and the brooding bond between four disparate men. It stands as a 'Wake in Fright' for the Twenties."
Robert Salisbury, author of the Philip Banks Series

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