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Sia- "1000 FORMS OF FEAR" Album Review



Australian singer/songwriter Sia’s diversity makes her to something of a musical chameleon; tackling versatile genres from soul to alternative rock to electropop. First coming into the limelight following collaborating on David Guetta’s “Titanium” in 2011, she’s worked with big-name artists including Flo-Rida, Rhianna and Beyonce.

Sia struck gold in her own right with “Chandelier” in 2014, and her sixth record, 1000 Forms of Fear, an electropop, reggae and hip hop-influenced album that talks about relationships, is her most commercially-sounding record to date, which is a new direction from her past. Even more surprising is that Sia herself is not showing her face in any promotional aspects of the album, with her absence replaced by the presence of a blond wig worn by different dancers, actors and singers.

As for the album itself, while there are disappointingly formulaic moments instrumentally, what offsets that and makes this album work so well is Sia’s incredible vocals that make you believe the pain she is experiencing, and her diverse songwriting skills, which really shows.

"Chandelier”, the heartbreaking ballad “Straight for the Knife”, the versatile "Elastic Heart", “Fire Meets Gasoline”, the pulsating and incredibly moving track “Cellophane” which is my personal favourite, and epic closer “Dressed in Black” are some of the best tracks Sia has ever produced.

As electropop goes, this album is strong, enchanting and listenable. No surprises there considering it comes from an artist of Sia’s talent.



Sia- "Elastic Heart" featuring Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler

Sia- "Chandelier"



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