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Of Monsters & Men- 'BENEATH THE SKIN' Album Review



Of Monsters And Men struck success in 2011 with ‘Little Talks’ and ‘Mountain Sound’, and their debut album, My Head is an Animal became one of the highest selling albums of 2012. Topping that was never going to be easy, however the band has certainly aimed to improve with their follow-up.

Beneath the Skin is not a radical change in OMAM’s formula or sound, nor particularly ground-breaking. But this album is catchy and enjoyable, and is a sure crowd-pleaser. Standout tracks include the single ‘Crystals’, ‘Human’, the emotional ‘I of the Storm’ and ‘Empire’; bringing their powerful, expressive folk-rock sound back, giving it an almost mythical feel.

The only gripe is that this album doesn’t bring much new to the table. You’ve heard this all before on their debut. But hey, that don’t let that take away the enjoyment. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Whether this effort can match its predecessor’s success is something that only time will tell, but fans will sure enjoy this follow-up.



Of Monsters And Men- 'Crystals'

Of Monsters And Men- "I of the Storm" (Lyric Video)



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