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When Men Cry turns 1 today!

Today, 'When Men Cry' officially turns 1 year old, and what a twelve months it has been!

I'm going to be totally honest here: this has completely changed my life. Totally utterly changed it. Not only that, but my entire approach and outlook on life. When this story arrived it took it's time. It fought me, it felt like some days I was forcing myself on it. However, finally when it arrived, it was amazing.

Since this book has come out, it has given me so much: it helped me get a job in the industry I love, it led to me founding my own publishing company and getting a second edition printed, and it has allowed me to meet and interact with some of the authors I look up to. But above all, it's change me. I have always been someone who are struggled with confidence, often to a crippling degree. This book showed me that I could actually write, it allowed me to be myself on the page, and it made me prove to myself that this is what I want to make my life about.

Thanks so much to all the amazing family, friends and customers who have bought this book. You inspire me and to show faith in my book is such a wonderful and humbling feeling. Thanks as well to the Lime Books team for the journey, the amazing team at Booktopia Publishing Services and the wider Booktopia team for their support. What a year it has been!


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