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Welcome to the blog!!!

New year... new website... new blog page!

First of all, welcome to the blog! This is the place where I post up random thoughts, as well as information about articles and creative writing pieces I have written. Aside from my work, I'll take the time to talk about anything new I come across, because quite frankly, when you start writing, its really difficult to stop!

Introductions made, so in a nutshell, I've opened this website with five short stories (two of which have been submitted as academic pieces) and five articles (two of which I have written with Grapeshot Magazine), and I'll be posting how these pieces came together later in the blog. Take the time to have a lookie at the them and tell me what you liked/disliked about them.

And so the year is off, looking forward to hearing what you guys think.

Nick :)


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