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AC/DC's "Rock or Bust" Album Review (Grapeshot Magazine)

Originally Published in Grapeshot Magazine- Macquarie University Student Publication, Issue 1, Volume 7, February 2015



AC/DC have been accused of unimaginative 'cookie-cut' rock'n'roll, repetitive drumbeats and oversimplified song structures. 2008's Black Ice, despite some good moments, suffered from these problems.

Rock or Bust is a return to form, building on the positives of its predecessor while jettisoning some of its weaknesses. A shorter, more compact album, it gives a great dose of shameless AC/DC rock'n'roll, and doesn't outstay its welcome. 'Play Ball', 'Miss Adventure' and 'Baptism by Fire' show how hard-hitting and enjoyable AC/DC's style can be, while 'Rock or Bust' is the best song they've written in years.

While some songs hit harder than others, this is an unashamed balls-out rock-fest from a band that's still going after five decades. Brian Johnson says "we're just a rock'n'roll band", so know what you're getting into with this one. As an AC/DC fan, this was a damn rock'n'roll delight! In rock we trust....



AC/DC- 'Rock or Bust'


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