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Pink Floyd's "The Endless River" Album Review (Grapeshot Magazine)

Originally Published in Grapeshot Magazine- Macquarie University Student Publication, Issue 1, Volume 7, February 2015.



Whatever happened to Dark Side of the Moon and 'Another Brick in the Wall'? Judging by The Endless River, Pink Floyd's first release in 20 years, this band has more than passed its prime. This 18-track, 55-minute epic, was an unexpected disappointment.

17 tracks are instrumentals, and even though Pink Floyd have previously delieved some great instrumental tracks, these songs seem lifeless; they sound like lift music you can't escape.

Granted, the Floyd sound is definitely there, and sometimes songs work. 'Things Left Unsaid', 'Sum', 'Allons-y', 'Surfacing' and 'Louder Than Words'- the closer and only song with lyrics- are wonderfully vintage Floyd, but the remaining tracks sound too similar and eventually the album becomes straight boring. True to its title, The Endless River seemed never-ending.

If you buy this, buy it for the nostalgia, or if you want good lift music. For everyone else, go back to the past, and let The Endless River pass you by.



Pink Floyd- 'Louder than Words'


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