The Lumineers- 'Cleopatra' ALBUM REVIEW (Grapeshot Magazine; Vol.8 Issue 4)


The Lumineers- Cleopatra


Four years ago, Coloardo-based band The Lumineers’s debut record and single ‘Ho Hey’ was wildly successful, coinciding with the folk rock revival that saw similar bands like Of Monsters & Men and Mumford & Sons ruling the charts. The Lumineers music spoke to the masses with its Americana style and ‘less-is-more’ approach, despite being outstandingly un-noteworthy.

Fast forward to now. This sophomore effort showcases a coming of age, presenting thought-provoking stories that unearth the band’s true potential.

The first single ‘Ophelia’, along with ‘Angela’, ‘In The Light’ and piano outro ‘Patience’ shows just how appealing simple music can be, but the best song on here is undoubtedly the title track, ‘Cleopatra.' With moving narrative lyrics over an anthemic folk-rock jig, its a knee-slapping, toe-tapping delight. Cleopatra doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it reflects artists whose success had made them wiser.

It's a solid pop-Americana record, a refreshing logical progression from - and improvement on - its predecessor.



The Lumineers- 'Ophelia'

The Lumineers- 'Cleopatra (Live at iHeart Radio)'


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