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SEMESTER 2016 SCRAP BOOK: Collage Piece

This piece is an attempt at a 'collage' piece that we were given ten minutes to write: where you try and put in different, variable texts in, whether they be personal anecdotes, poetry, or encyclopedic writing. This description here is an attempt at that, describing a town near my home called Bundanoon; a really beautiful town that was the sight of several murders back in the 1990s. This is a very rough attempt at that.


"The autumn leaves blow over Bundanoon’s old synthetic cricket field, where we used to play on the weekend. It was our home, our place where we would try to emulate Lillee, Ponting or Warne. The nets were always far on the other side of the field from the parking lot. It was a struggle to get there to the nets when we were young. But we played there for hours, trying to hit the cricket the ball onto the field to one-up each other before the sun came down over the trees.

Bundanoon is a wine region of Australia, its fields, plains and groves intercut by eucalyptus forest, and the pine plantations that stretched out to the highway south. It has a temperate climate; reminiscent of southern England and European climates. The hills run down the back of the Blue Mountains, sitting in the gullies between the slopes as they descend down towards the flat plains of the interior. It is a sight of many natural beauties, including the glow worm caves and the Meryla State Forest.

There have been reports of many murders in the area. Police are still appealing for any information in regards to the whereabouts of Daniel Lionel John Coulter; who is wanted for the murder of his cousin Hannah in the Meryla State forest. He is extremely dangerous, and is known to have a foul temperament and an obsession with ‘mutilation.’ He has a fat nose, untidy, black hair, and a scrawny beard."


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