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Polarheart- 'Polarheart EP' ALBUM REVIEW


Polarheart- Polarheart


Polarheart is the creation of Chris Chidiac and Mary Rose, who first began writing together back in 2013. Since then they have been gaining a steady following, having produced several one-off singles and toured along Australia’s east coast in October last year. It was around this time that they began to turn heads, with their track ‘Dystopia’ being picked up by Mr.SuicideSheep and enjoying great success and acclaim online. Polarheart have now followed this success with their debut, self-titled EP.

What is so interesting about the sound of Polarheart is that while the band strives for illustrious, beautiful production, it is the sense of connection that the listener can make to these songs (through Rose’s textured vocals and the duo’s delicate songwriting) that makes for a more mesmerising experience. In a world where many electronic music artists seem to be confined within the pre-conceived EDM blueprint of only creating music to be played in clubs, this EP is a breath of fresh air.

‘Dystopia’ is my personal favourite, creating a gorgeous ambience with the production, while also incorporating the much-needed human touch of Rose’s vocals. It’s a very beautiful, but also melancholy track. Many tracks on this EP strike that balance of beautiful melancholy superbly, such as ‘Enigma’, ‘Paralyse’ and ‘Porcelain’, a more upbeat and pulsing track. However, ‘Forward’ is one notable exception where the music breaks that mould and attains a real moment of bliss.

If there is any complaint to be had on the record, it is that sometimes the ambience can be a little overproduced. I feel this happens with the track ‘Universe’; even though it is a well-written tune, it almost has so much occurring on the production side and nearly loses Rose’s vocals in the chorus. However, Polarheart do show redemption with ‘Enigma’, where a beautiful piano drives the track, and while percussion and synthesisers layer in over the top, the piano remains the focal point. It’s an intoxicating blend of beauty and simplicity.

There is a huge ambition to this EP, and great enjoyment to be had, especially for lovers of electronic music. Chidiac and Rose have crafted an EP that wants to take on the world. And quite honestly, if this is the starting point of their careers, Polarheart may just do that.



Check out Polarheart on Triple J Unearthed

Polarheart EP now available on Itunes and Spotify

Polarheart- 'Dystopia'


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