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Ben Camden- 'This is Yours' ALBUM REVIEW (Grapeshot Magazine: Vol. 8; Issue 5: 'XO')




Ben Camden is an up-and-coming musician from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. After playing on the Sydney live circuit for many years, he's released This is Yours, his debut EP.

Camden uses a well-crafted approach to folk-blues, and his deep, resonant voice is almost reminiscent of Johnny Cash, makes him stick out from many of his contemporaries. This makes This is Yours a delight for folk-blues fans.

Highlight tracks include the 'Not in Vain' with its pulsing drum beat and soaring chorus, 'If You Were My Girl' and its wild, wild west swagger, and 'Waiting for the Rain', an intimate, guitar-based country song. But the best of Camden's "less-is-more" approach really come through on 'Violet', a reflective and heartfelt acoustic piece. The only weak track is the opener 'We Don't Need Words' which, while beautifully raw in production and vocal delivery, lacks the punch of the tracks that follow.

Regardless of whether or not folk-blues is for you, Ben Camden's talent really is something to behold, and his debut EP shows that he is going places. Watch this space.



Ben Camden- 'Not in Vain'


Check out Ben Camden here and on Triple J Unearthed

Check out This is Yours on Itunes and Spotify


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