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The Avalanches- 'Wildflower' ALBUM REVIEW


The Avalanches- Wildflower


Finally! For sixteen years, eclectic electronic group The Avalanches were silent. For years we anticipated that follow-up, then hoped, then pretty much forgot. Then in June, out of the blue, they dropped their teaser track ‘Frankie Sinatra.’ It’s really happening guys! It’s really freaking happening!

After years of anticipation, it seemed there was no way The Avalanches would be able to top Since I Left You. But while this follow-up does not quite match those heights, to dismiss Wildflower would be a horrendous mistake. This is a smooth and easy-going record, but very rarely have I come across a record that creates such a diverse musicscape. Listening to Wildflower is like walking into a carnival fairground, with every track a unique and diverse experience.

Sampling has become such an important part of music in today’s world, especially for hip-hop and rap. Rather than fall into that blueprint, Wildflower propels itself into experimental territory, having an almost psychedelic vibe.

‘Frankie Sinatra’ has a kooky, weird-as-hell vibe to it, but it’s just so damn catchy! A personal favourite is ‘The Noisey Eater’, with lyrical content reminiscent of a Sesame Street song, yet has a real grungy style to its instrumentation, which coupled with Biz Markie’s hungry delivery. There are some tracks too that have more of a funk style to them, like the track ‘Subways’, and the absolute stunner ‘Harmonys.’

The biggest gripe is that because it is so easy-going, some sections of the record may seem to lack any bite. But even the weaker tracks can be offset by the great sampling work; many of this songs sound like a blend of bands from the Sixties coming together with rap artists of today.

Those who find The Avalanches style a bit left-field may listen to this record and wonder what the fuss is about, but fans will love it. I found it to be worth the wait, but just hope I don’t have to wait another 16 years for their next record.



The Avalanches- 'Frankie Sinatra'

The Avalanches- 'Subways'


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