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Alex Lloyd- 'Acoustica' ALBUM REVIEW


Alex Lloyd- Acoustica


This decade has been a very interesting one for Alex Lloyd. While, in the early 2000s, he became widely known for his hit songs ‘Amazing’, ‘Green’ and ‘Coming Home’, as well as several successful albums, this decade has seen him step away from the limelight, and instead choose projects on his own terms. This has led to some of his most experimental work to date.

This included his collaboration with The Pigram Brothers on the highly acclaimed soundtrack for 2010’s Mad Bastards, and his 2013 genre-jumping record, Urban Wilderness that saw Lloyd dip his creative toes into folk, blues and vintage soul.

Lloyd has always been a stellar acoustic performer, and it’s fair to say that some long-term fans may find it surprising that he has now only just done a fully acoustic project. While Acoustica may lack many of the sounds and styles that fans would be accustomed to on his previous records, the record makes up for it with its delicate, intimate atmosphere.

The record features many of Lloyd’s most successful and popular singles, lovingly refreshed with mandolins, ukuleles, string sections, banjos, and easy going percussion. Lloyd’s voice however remains the vocal point of the record, with his voice heartfelt on the piano-cover of ‘Green’ and the haunting rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’ Other highlights include his mandolin cover of ‘Amazing’, the orchestral rendition of ‘Coming Home’ and fan-favourite ‘Easy Exit Station’ which is given new life with live acoustic guitar and double bass.

This is not a record to turn to for a party atmosphere or any exciting occasion. This is a gentle record for quiet, romantic nights in, sitting on the couch in your slippers with a nice glass of wine. With Lloyd’s voice and the live instrumentation, you don’t need much more.



Alex Lloyd- 'Coming Home'

Alex Lloyd- 'Easy Exit Station'


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