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Meryl Streep’s speech is a reminder of the standard we should hold ourselves to

Art in all its forms is an important entity in human speech and free thought. Many amazing ideas and new ways of understanding our world and ourselves have been expanded upon, re-contextualised and reimagined through the words of writers, the brushstrokes of painters, or in the medium of song or film.

How, for instance, could we expand and examine the universal suffering war provides the same way Pablo Picasso did with Guernica? Or how else can we shed new light on our own understanding of racism the same way Kendrick Lamar can with his thought-provoking, but down-to-earth rap music? Every artist has their own trademark, and in doing so, a new point of view. This is the heart of the discovery of new ideas, but also, is a grey area where free thought and creativity flourish together.