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Album review: Gorillaz – ‘Humanz’ (24-4-17) LINK (Music Insight)

Gorillaz- 'Humanz'

For much of last decade, Gorillaz’ music (and their unique place as the world’s most successful virtual band) was pioneering for being able to take multiple genres, smash them together and make it sound fantastic. With their alternative rock-driven self-titled debut from Damon Albarn (of Blur) and animations by Jamie Hewlett, the band were thoroughly unique for the times.

But, both Albarn and Hewlett began to push themselves creatively with their sophomore effort, Demon Days. This effort became one of the most celebrated records of last decade, through its meshing of rock, funk and hip hop together in a commercial way. 2009’s Plastic Beach brought a more pop and trip hop-inspired sound, but also new electronic elements that were reused on 2011’s The Fall, easily the worst Gorillaz effort. Then for six years, Gorillaz went silent, barring the occasional small release.

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