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Macquarie University Cricket Club 50th Anniversary Celebration: The Team of the Half Century – Crite

Macquarie University Cricket Club has always had outstanding cricketers who have forged their personal success into the broader story of this great club. In excelling on the field, they wrote the club into cricketing history, whether it be in premierships, the story of the club or indeed, Mac Uni folklore. These feats and these stories have moulded the culture of our club and these men have become the standard by which we all hope to emulate in our own contribution to Macquarie University Cricket Club.

Picking a team of the Half Century from the thousands of players who have played for the club is unbelievably difficult, so it was important to think carefully about the criteria upon which every club member would be judged.

It also allowed the panel to wind back the clock and remember many great individual and team performances the club has witnessed. We hope this will allow every club member to reminisce on so many wonderful cricketing moments we all share.

Under the scrutiny of former club President, David Smith, the following criteria was established:

1. Player must have played a minimum number of 30 games in the top grades (1st Grade, Shires or 3rd Grade Grade Cricket)

2. Statistics – Runs Scored and Average, Wickets Taken and Average, Fielding Performances.

3. Off-Field Contribution – Impact on club culture, leadership roles, player development.

4. Only Macquarie University Cricket Club performances to be examined for consideration (no statistics from other clubs to be considered)

From the players considered, a squad of twenty will be selected. From that, a starting team will be picked. This will be announced tonight at the Gala Dinner.


For information about the Macquarie University Cricket Club 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner, click here.

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