Shelley Segal announces homecoming and new single, ‘Somebody Like You’ (Music Insight)

Some of the greatest songs come from the greatest heartaches, and for LA-based singer/songwriter Shelley Segal, that was certainly the case when she wrote her new single Somebody Like You.

The track was released alongside the announcement of Segal’s upcoming run of dates throughout Victoria.

Tackling issues of trauma around a relationship ending for religious reasons, the heavy lyrical content is matched by a blunt, rock-infused, in-your-face style that shows off the credentials of Segal as a songwriter and storyteller.

With the upcoming closure of the same-sex marriage vote on November 7, the song is also coming along at a politically appropriate time.

“When I was 18 years old my family told me I needed to break up with my partner because he wasn’t Jewish – in line with our religious traditions,” explained Segal in the official release of the single.

“I chose to fight for the relationship with my then-partner, leaving home and moving in with him and his family. This was an extremely painful experience for me.

“I am no longer religious but I know that many people still experience this tension between their families, traditions and the person they love for various reasons; religion, race, gender, orientation.

“The truth is, you cannot help or control who you love. You cannot love someone or stop loving someone, just because that is expected of you.”

It was this experience that led to the creation of some of Segal’s most ambitious music to date. Since she moved to LA she has thrown herself into it’s musical landscape, from writing with many new artists, to opening her own publishing company, to being involved with the Emmy-award winning series Venice.

But for her, coming home to perform again will be an all-new challenging experience.

“These new songs have a rockier edge than I’ve had before and I’m excited to share that energy onstage.

“Coming home will be bittersweet, as it makes me a bit homesick, but it will be special to be at home and play these new songs to my fans and friends. As usual audiences can expect lots of stories. Maybe even a bit of the shiny sheen of shameless LA pop will make it back over the pacific with me, we’ll see…”

Have a listen to Somebody Like You now on Soundcloud, or head to her website for more details about her upcoming shows in Victoria.


FRI 29 DEC | YARD BIRD, BENDIGO, VIC | 18+ | 8-11pm



Originally Published in Music Insight, November 5th, 2017. Read Here.

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