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Noel Gallagher drops new psychedelic track, ‘It’s A Beautiful World’ (Music Insight)

If there was any indication that Noel Gallagher‘s new record will be signal a significant change in direction, it is all but confirmed with the new teaser track, ‘It’s A Beautiful World.’

Gallagher has certainly been turning heads lately, with his forthcoming record Who Built the Moon? following hot on the heels of his brother Liam‘s debut solo effort, As You Were.

That doesn’t even mention his most recent live performances, where he has infamously had a member of his band High Flying Birds playing the scissors.

Of the tracks he has released so far, single ‘Holy Mountain’ and instrumental track ‘Fort Knox’ have split the Oasis fanbase, with some criticising Noel for breaking away from his traditional Britpop sound while others are praising him for trying something new.

This new single sees Gallagher retain his signature songwriting style, but represents the most psychedelic and dreamy cut we’ve heard so far from his upcoming release. The easy going percussion and droning, sparkling guitars lead into one of the catchiest choruses that Noel has released in years.

The lyrics initially take an optimistic tone, but hide a more sinister message, as a French singer pops into the track and, ironically, proclaims the end of the world.

The lyric video brilliantly captures the two-faced, cosmic feel of the song, and serves as a fascinating final appetiser before the full release of Who Built the Moon? on November 24.

Australian fans will be able to get their first taste of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds when they arrive in Australia in March 2018 as a headlining act for the Bryon Bay Bluesfest. Check out details and tickets for the upcoming festival here.


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