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Good Reads Review: Mortals by Ross and Rachel Menzies

So, this book came into my life at a weird time. Listening to it off the back of having the authors on my works podcast, I decided to take the time to read this work. All I can say is... profound. This is a book that I think everyone should read at least once in their lives. Put together by the father-daughter team of Ross and Rachel Menzies, this book dives headfirst into a topic most of us are terrified of: how our collective fear of death shapes our society. While occasionally a very morbid topic, both authors infuse this book with a real sense of cold, honest academic analysis. Hundreds upon hundreds of academic experiments are referenced and referred to, and while some may find it dry, the results show something incredible: that our fear of death shapes everything around us, and more worryingly, could drive the huma