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Good Reads Review: Mortals by Ross and Rachel Menzies

So, this book came into my life at a weird time. Listening to it off the back of having the authors on my works podcast, I decided to take the time to read this work. All I can say is... profound. This is a book that I think everyone should read at least once in their lives. Put together by the father-daughter team of Ross and Rachel Menzies, this book dives headfirst into a topic most of us are terrified of: how our collective fear of death shapes our society. While occasionally a very morbid topic, both authors infuse this book with a real sense of cold, honest academic analysis. Hundreds upon hundreds of academic experiments are referenced and referred to, and while some may find it dry, the results show something incredible: that our fear of death shapes everything around us, and more worryingly, could drive the human race to its end. But it ain't all existential crises! Above that all, however, emerges a powerful message that everyone can learn from: that the sooner you come to terms with your inevitable death, the sooner you start to live a better life. Even highlighting that achieving immortality is an impossible (and ultimately, unfulfilling) task, it ultimately brings everything into focus as to what truly matters. This is a profound book, and one you should definitely read at least once.


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