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Hosting Christine Leunens and Annabel Abbs on the Brisbane Writers Festival

As part of my day to day work at Booktopia, I was incredibly lucky to chat with Christine Leunens (author of Caging Skies) and Annabel Abbs (author of The Joyce Girl) the upcoming iteration of the Brisbane Writers Festival in May this year on Booktopia's podcast, Tell Me What To Read.


📚 The program for the 2022 Brisbane Writers Festival has been unveiled! 🎉

This week we hosted #ChristineLeunens and #AnnabelAbbs on #TellMeWhatToRead, discussing their latest books, what they are most excited to see at the festival, and more.🎙️

Events & Tickets:



Listen to Episode 42 - Brisbane Writers Festival - Book Discussion - Christine Leunens & Annabel Abbs by Tell Me What To Read on #SoundCloud


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