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Tell Me What To Read - Episode 38 - The 2022 Stella Prize Shortlist Special

As part of my day to day work at Booktopia, I was incredibly lucky to chat with five of the six shortlisters of the upcoming Stella Prize on Booktopia's podcast, Tell Me What To Read.


This is Tell Me What To Read, the podcast of Booktopia, Australia's Local Bookstore. Join us for our bi-weekly show with episodes going out every Wednesday and Friday! Join us on Wednesdays as we speak to authors from Australia and around the world about their latest books, and hit us up on Fridays for the books that we are reading and recommending!

Today, we sit down for a special podcast! With the unveilling of the 2022 Stella Prize Shortlist, Nick sits down to chat with some of the incredible authors, poets and artists who have made the list.

WARNING: this podcast contains coarse language and adult themes.

The Stella Prize Shortlist:

TAKE CARE by Eunice Andrada (Giramondo Publishing)

Dropbear by Evelyn Araluen (University of Queensland Press)

No Document by Anwen Crawford (Giramondo Publishing)

Bodies of Light by Jennifer Down (Text Publishing)

Stone Fruit by Lee Lai (Fantagraphics)

Homecoming by Elfie Shiosaki (Magabala Books)

*Producer's Note: Due to our team being in social isolation, the sound quality is more variable.

Check out what the judges had to say on the Stella Prize:

Interviews In this podcast:

Examination of Elfie Shiosaki's Homecoming: 2:06-4:24

Evelyn Araluen - Dropbear: 4:36-20:06

Lee Lai - Stone Fruit: 20:19-39:40

Eunice Andrada - TAKE CARE: 39:53-1:01:18

Jennifer Down - Bodies Of Light: 1:01:30-1:24:29

Anwen Crawford - No Document: 1:24:38-1:53:17

Books mentioned in this podcast:

Elfie Shiosaki - Homecoming:

Evelyn Araluen - Dropbear:

Lee Lai - Stone Fruit:

Eunice Andrada - TAKE CARE:

Jennifer Down - Bodies Of Light:

Anwen Crawford - No Document:

Host: Nick Wasiliev

Interviewer: Nick Wasiliev

Guests: Evelyn Araluen, Lee Lai, Eunice Andrada, Jennifer Down & Anwen Crawford

Producer: Nick Wasiliev





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